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Nice to meet everyone! Jut wanted to briefly introduce myself before trying to get some answers on my kitty...

I'm a 32yo woman who has had pets all of my life. My parents were more "dog people", but very one in the family seems to have a soft heart for animals of all types. I received my first cat at age 9 for Christmas after months of begging :), and am now on my 3rd kitty.

My two other beloved kitties have since passed, so after about 6 months of mourning my 2nd cat Zippy<3, I finally felt ready to bring a new kitty into my home again. I searched shelter listings, figuring that everything happens for a reason, and that eventually I'd run into the kitty that was meant for me.

Browsing Craigslist one night, I read a listing with the "Headline: Coco Is Not Trash!"... As I read this kitten's story, tears streamed down my cheeks. Some heartless worm who evidently WAS trash had thrown the approximately 3mo old kittens out of their vehicle along a rural road. Of the two, one was hit & killed by a car before they could be caught :,-( The only silver lining was that a kind family that fosters/adopts out found kitties at no charge happened to occupy the house where they were dumped. Our (soon to be) little girl was found by some recently replaced storm windows, acting as of she was trying to get into the house... It was October in the Northeast, and the weather was turning quite cold...

Long story short, we spoke I the family, met with them, and little Coco is now known as Luca-Moo for her many spots that dot her back & sides. As of February 2012, we estimate that she is about 8 months old, and though she gets in her share of trouble, I couldn't imagine the house without her... She's "My Little Moo" :)
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