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Hey everyone,
My name is Erin and I'm am the proud owner of 2 girl kitties. Their names are Belladonna aka. Bella, and Artemis.
I recently gave our male cat away to my mother. It was one of the best decisions ever...She needs a companion and he needs a house without too many other animals. His name is Prince Squirtimus aka. Squirt.
I'm an all around animal lover, my speciality is birds. Besides the two cats, we also have 2 rats (whom we're trying to get rid of), and 9 birds.
On top of our own animals, we tend to take care of the local feral cats as well as the wildbirds. Both have feeding stations on opposite sides of our house.
My fiance lives with me as well! I love him dearly and hope we can afford to get married some day.
Anywho, there is a lot more to me than just this post can establish, but I'm excited to be a member of this forum. I'm ready to learn new tips and all sorts of fun things to do with the kitties. (We had dogs, but had to get rid of them when we moved :( The cats are now the main focus besides a couple of my birds, and we are also rehoming several birds so the few animals we will have can be spoiled rotten!).
I will do my best to be an active member, and look forward to getting to know everybody and their fur kids!
-Erin :smiles
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