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Hello everyone. I joined way back in 2011. At the time, I had an eleven year old kitty that was newly diagnosed with stage 4 renal failure. I joined this forum to look for hope and advice. Unfortunately, we made the difficult decision to put her to sleep.

Fast forward a year later to 2012 and my husband and I adopted two kittens from PetSmart. One is a Tortie and the other a dilute Tortie. They quickly became a part of our family.

Just this past Saturday, they both had their yearly checkup. (They're 7 now.) Well, my big girl D (the dilute) has a newly acquired grade 3 heart murmur. We take her in January for an echocardiogram to see what's going on. My husband and I are praying it's nothing but I'm trying to prepare for the worst. She has no other systems. I measured her resting respiratory rate and it ranges anywhere from 16 to 21 per minute. My vet told me to make sure it stays below 36 and she's well below that.

Anyway, my Tortie throws up hairballs about once a week and they are both now on Royal Cabin gastrointestinal diet with high fiber and Omega 3.

Thanks for allowing me to join! 😉
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