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Hello All!

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Hi to all,
I posted here last week but never did introduce my self or my cat. My name is Ed I am 43yo and have one cat named Pepper. Pepper is one year old and I adpoted him from a shelter when he was 6weeks old. He was a very vary shy cat at first but now loves people and likes running around the house at full speed. I am restoring an old farm house and I take Pepper with me when I go there on the weekends to work on it. Pepper also likes riding in my truck. Sometimes I let him out of his cat carrier when I am driving and he stands in my lap and puts his paws on the steering wheel and pretends to drive.

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Hello all

Welcome to you and Pepper
Aren't they funny when they look like they're doing something human? Among our many musical instruments is a big African Drum. When Jimmy stands up with his front paws on the drum, it looks just like he's playing it :)
Hope Pepper is keeping well.

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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