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Greetings. I'm Marshie. My babies are Faith, a cream Siamese mix with a coon tail and blue eyes, and Oz, a gray little boy with a white nose of mask. I love my babies and want to make sure they're as healthy as possible. Unfortunately, due to lack of funds and my own health issues, I have only recently been able to make the switch to full health.

I've been heavily reading into wet food and raw diets and the like and have changed their dry food from whatever I could afford to Blue Wilderness. I started feeding them different cans of quality wet food as well, but they're stubborn brats and, well, thank goodness for Petco and the 'they won't eat it' return/exchange. :p And I've started to feed Radcat mixed with the blue dry the past two days and wanted to slowly introduce meat chunks after I get their teeth cleaned.

*Question/Info request bit*

So I took them to the vet get their teeth cleaned and was told Oz has three bad teeth. I was devastated and want to do whatever I can to fix them. They can gel fill them for now, but said the teeth need to be removed asap (next time I have money..)

Now..I am a fairly trusting person, but also a very cautious person, so when I read into raw, I did crazy research about the health benefits and even about kibble and everything I could get my hands on regarding cat health...and then this vet told me that he does not recommend raw, the bacteria can inflame the teeth, and that the meat chunks do nothing for their teeth and that actually "dental kibble" cleans their teeth (he just said dry food, but I'm gonna make him sound smarter and say dental dry food). I said okay, hung up, and mentally laughed at him. But as I I want to know if there's any truth to the bacteria and inflamed teeth thing goes.

Obviously I'm not an idiot when it comes to raw food and I follow all safety procedures and thoroughly wash everything, so the obvious "if you know what you're doing" answers aren't that helpful...I would like experience from raw feeders that have had pets with dental problems. I've read so many miracle stories about cats fed raw, I just can't believe a vet would tell me it's bad for them...

Also, please ignore any disjointedness as I am off my Ritalin at the moment and thinking clearly and linearly is difficult.. >.>
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