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Hello and can you help?

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Hello everyone. I am a very new cat mommy. At the beginning of March a lovely stray tabby turned up on our doorstep looking starved and dirty. We took her to vet to see if she was microchipped and fed and cared for her. We put notices up in the street and asked everywhere if anyone had lost a cat. The husband wasn't too keen (to say the least) on keeping the new arrival. It I started to care! Suddenly on 6th march she gave birth to a single kitten and we all fell in love. Gradually my husband accepted the two new arrivals!

However within two weeks of giving birth the mummy cat, now called Poppy, came into heat! And stayed that way 24/7! Constantly yowling and moaning all around the clock! And the vet said we couldn't have her spayed until she had stopped feeding baby Miah.

So we put up with no sleep and she started to sleep on my bed and I thought we had bonded! When Miah was weaned at 10 weeks last week Poppy was spayed. All sites said she would become more affectionate - but she hates us.

She spits and tries to scratch and bite and never used to at all! I took her to the vet today and he poked the wound and he said its fine- but it isn't Poppy anymore.

Is this normal or can it happen? Will she feel better at all?

Worried New Cat Mommy :( xx
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I'm speechless. This sounds so wierd and unusual...I guess getting two cats at very very young ages and then having one born in our house which we kept and a young stray who adapted well to our clan means I missed a lot of stuff I read here.

One thing I learned is that cats do things on their own terms...cats rule and dogs drool so to speak. I think in this case you should ignore Poppy; do the chores relating to poppy, and put out food but then walk away. In short just ignore until many days pass by and see if she then doesn't seek out your attention. You have the kitten to spend time with...give poppy a window seat if she is a strictly indoor cat..a perch, post but just leave it for her to discover...Like I said, you are ignoring her....what else is there to do? Maybe then she will decide on her own to seek affection?

that's about all I got
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She is very slowly talking to us again but still no real affection and I cannot remember the last time she purred. Her baby on the other hand is a dreamboat who loves all of us to pieces. The mummy cat hisses at the baby much of the time and then plays with her in rough and tumble. Could it be she is jealous of the baby? Will she ever be happy again? I hate to see her looking so unhappy! Do you think the op could have damaged her in any way? Xx
sorry to hear Poppy isn't acting her "normal" self. but then again, it might be possible that what you're seeing now IS her normal self and the affectionate loving kitty phase before was only because she was a new mommy herself. who knows what she acted like before you found her? so maybe it was the hormones. i know we women can certainly be affected by them. they sure make me moody!

barring the above and any actual physical problem from the surgery, my own amateur guess would be that no longing nursing the baby AND getting spayed was probably just a big change for her - one that will take time for her to adjust to.

hopefully if you just take it real slow with her again and let her come to you when she's good and ready to show some affection again like Cat's House said, things will get better and it'll be a happy calm home once again. good luck!
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Our cat Pekoe stopped snuggling us when she got spayed and growls at us when she gets picked up, whhich she never did before she was spayed. I think she got bitter towards us for getting her spayed and that's why she acts like that. She still allows us to pet her most of the time, but she isn't as affectionate as she used to be.

Hiya, hopefully she will come round to being lovely and affectionate again. Do you think she is sore or anything from getting spayed?
Lovely of you to take her in, and take care of her, and the little kitten to xx
Post Partum Depression?

Even if she's not appreciative, you did a great thing by taking her in and giving her kitten a good home.
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