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My name is Lauren, I'm a college student and a complete cat lover. My family home has 6 cats, 3 boys and 3 girls, and one of the boys is my own that I raised since he was about 5 weeks old in his litter of 5. His name is Sir Francis Drake, and everyone calls him Drake. He and I are both kind of silly dorks which makes it perfect because he pulls a lot of antics that would probably drive others crazy!
In the house, Drake has two of his sisters, Claire and Kit Kat. The last female is Truffles, who we've had the longest. Lastly, the other two boys are Twix and A.J.
I'll be honest that I'm here to ask a question, which is why I joined, because our house has been having major issues since Drake turned 2! Still, its nice to be part of what seems like a wonderful community! Can't wait!


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