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Hi there

I have a beautiful tabby cat called Naima. She is 6 years old. I have joined this forum to get some advice on zero waste cat food - by this I mean sustainable packaging, not the food itself - she eats everything!

I have joined the band of people who are trying to look after the planet, avoid the plastics in the ocean (and dumping sites consisting of nothing but literally mountains of plastic - type plastic planet malaysia if you’re unaware of the scale of the problem) and generally bring my waste down as far as I can.

My cat is currently eating Hi Life 85mg sachets morning and evening. These are the boxes of 32 costing £16 on amazon from the “Its only natural range”.

She also gets a small portion of Lillys Kitchen biscuits at lunchtime. These cost £21.49 for a 2kg bag.

The Lillys kitchen packaging is 100% recycleable so I’m happy with that but the Hi Life sachets are not recycleable.

I am looking at alternatives but everything that is good for cats plus 100% recycleable is expensive (funny that! 😊 ). Another concern is I also want to feed her a mix of wet and dry cat food as I’ve never been convinced of just giving her one type. Lillys also do wet food but I almost died at the price. I’m generally spending more since starting zero waste which I was willing to take on board (if you don’t, it won’t happen) but I’m still trying to spend the least money for the most sustainable packaged food.

Any recommendations would be great!!! Have a purrrfect day (couldn’t resist!)
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