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Hi There,

My name is Mike and I'm on here to garner some insight into my new cat, a recently adopted stray, Poc.

Here is my question:

I've recently adopted a stray cat and I'm trying to get a sense of his age. The vet estimated that he was around 3 years old (he was not neutered when I found him). I would guess he's more like a year (he's very small, very sweet, will let you pick him up whenever you want, etc.). However, he's black and he has little white (or grey) hairs all around his neck and down his back. I know black cats typically have a patch of white hairs on their neck but I've never seen it like this - almost like salt and pepper in an adult human with dark hair. Any thoughts? Could this mean he is older than he seems? Might he have some kind of nutrient deficiency?

Any help on this would be much appreciated.

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