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Hello and seeking help

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I'm Jen and my kitty is Diego. He's about a year and a half old. He had surgery and was fostered (not by me) after some sort of accident with a car. He is full of energy and still very much a kitten. I work 9-10 hour days and he's alone all day.

When he was younger, he was better about playing by himself with the toys I left out for him. Now he rarely plays by himself and always requires me to hide the toys, throw them etc. Is this normal? I do this as much as I can, honestly. Sometimes, he will only fetch a mouse a few times and get bored and need something else. I try to play with him but sometimes it's hard to get much time in with him with everything I have to do after work. Needless to say...he keeps me up all night. He has gotten better about staying away from my bed (TINY studio aptmt, no door). He mostly scratches at the living room windows trying to get the blinds (they are up really high) and hide in the curtains. He doesn't play with paper balls anymore, he's really picky about toys I think. I have cat nip and use it but sometimes it doesn't help with certain toys.

I sometimes feel like I'm a horrible kitty mama, and think maybe I shouldn't have a cat right now. I don't want to give him up but maybe he'd be happier somewhere there's people all day. I am really stressed about all this. I can't get another cat right now, but will hopefully be moving soon and moving in with someone who has a cat or into a cheaper place where I can afford another cat. Maybe another cat would help him feel less lonely and release some energy.

Any advice/suggestions anyone may have would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance, I am so glad I found this forum! :D
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He'll be fine until you move. I don't think I wouldn add another cat until then.

Try playing with him a LOT right before bedtime, then give him a good sized meal. My girls get a small dinner, then a bigger meal right when I go to bed. They groom for a while, then zonk out.
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