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Hi everybody,

Just a brief intro- my name is Agnes and i live in England, Europe;

I have two cats- girls, beautiful sisters, just normal but very handsome moggies- Lola and Ziggy; they are very loving and fun, spend most of the night, morning outside and then sleep all day;

They get along fabulously, clean each other and chase each other, so I am very pleased. They are only young- 1,3 years old.

Zigg is very naughty, she would spend most of her time hunting and eating and still she is very slim; but she always make sure she has a cuddle before going to bed!

Lola is more lady like, she likes to stay home a bit more, likes cuddles and if I fuss with her, otherwise she makes very loud noises - she needs plenty of attention!

I love them both obviously an d on occasion I will have some questions re their behaviour or health.
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