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Hello Everybody : )

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I am the owner of 4 wonderful cats and am in college studying to be a vet. My beautiful girls are Calico, Juliet, and Mittens. My handsome boy is Pierce. I also have several amazing foster cats (currently they are Harvest, Rose, and Chip) and am a part of a local TNR group.
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Vet, huh? I wanted to be a Vet but ended up a Respiratory Therapist. My middle son (10) wants to be a Vet and I'm going to do everything I can to make his dream come true.

Good luck with school!
I wanted to be a vet too... I volunteered for years at a local vet clinic when I was a teenager, but my allergies were too bad and I had to stop. :( I've mostly grown out of them now and I'm seriously considering it again - 28 isn't too old to start school right? :D

Nice to "meet" you!
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