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Hello catforum!

I'm Elan from Israel 20 years old.
Love cat's always loved them, i used to have a cat when i was really young and fell in love with them since then, ( I also like dogs btw :p).

Anyways, Yesterday i was walking my sisters dog with my niece and all of the sudden our dog started Running really faster as in "Charging"..i ran after him just to stop him before he attacked this adorable little kitten.

I told my niece to take the dog back and i just had to do something with the kitten, So i brought a box and put her inside it (Had holes and everything no worries :) )
I took her home and after spending the night with her i'm keeping her .. Can't let such an adorable little creature stay outside.

Any who, bought the best kitten food and stuff there is for her.

By the teeth i know shes about 4months old, and i wanted you guys to help me find out what breed she is, so here are some pictures of her!

She kinda looks like a rat right now haha :luv
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