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Weve got a cat called Ripee. My son found her abandoned under a parked car when she was about 1 or 2 weeks old. One of her eyes was a bit open and she could stand and take a few steps, so that gives you some indication of her age.

My son phoned me up very excited to tell me that hed just found a cat and wanted to bring her home. We are not well set up for animals, since we live in an apartment and travel often, so I told him "no". In addition the kitten sounded sick and I was sure it was going to die, so I thought that for everyone's sake it would be better to do it where it was rather than at home. My son became quite unhappy with my line of reasoning, so in the end I let him bring it home.

The poor animal was terribly dirty and bloated with worms and fleas. I gave her some cows milk from a dropper (wrong thing to do in hind sight) and called a friend who had studied vet science to find out what to do. Next day we made cat milk from a recipe on the internet, fed her, washed her, dried her and tried to get her to poo.

In the end, to my surprise, she didn't die but got healthier and bigger and she's still with us. Shes different from any other cat Ive had. She follows me around all the time and doesnt really like anyone else - Im the one who fed her when she was a baby. However, she's also a cat thats been raised for her rat catching abilities, so shes quite aggressive. Even now she loves nothing more than to suck my palms, just like a baby drinking from its mothers nipples. After sucking for a while, shell start to bite me then scratch me and thats without me touching her or moving my hand. So shes nice and friendly but mean and scratchy at the same time. A very pretty cat, very well house trained and domesticated by also a wild animal at heart.

Thats our cat Ripee.
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