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I'm super excited that there's a cat forum. I'm thinking of adopting a kitten from my aunt, and I'm sure I'll need help with him. I might also need advice for my aging kitty, Shileo.

But anyway, hey there. I would like to start off by saying that I hope to learn a lot here. I'm the type of person who will debate every corner I can think of, but at the same time, am taking advice and using it. (So if it ever seems like I'm arguing for the sake of arguing, I'm not. Unless I downright say something mean [which I don't plan to do], I'm just testing the waters.)

I'm an animal lover, I'm sure like most of you here. I'm in the process of buying two horses, moving, and will be discussing getting this kitten with my boyfriend tonight.

I hope to make friend here, too. :yellbounce
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