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Hello Everyone

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Hi, I'm new to this!

Decided to start because my year old cat, called Finn, was in an accident on tuesday. He got hit by a car. We didn't see it but the vet said that it was the most likely scenario. Basically he's a nutter, he's excitable and very much a baby still. He's a ginger with white scocks and face. We got him when he was a couple of weeks old and he turned 1 last week. He loves cuddles but he certainly lets u know when he doesn't want anymore. He's very affectionate but we have quite a problem with him attacking hands and feet everywhen un-provoked. We've tried a few things to stop him and the water spray seems the best but it doesn't stop him starting to do it. (any suggestions for this would be brilliant)!

So on tuesday he went out and we didn't really see him, he came in during the morning but didn't eat anything and then just went straight back out. Then it was getting to about 6 and we hadn't seen him for hours even though we had being calling him. He eventually came out the bushes and very slowly walked up the garden (he usually runs), he came in and just hide. It was very odd behaviour, cause he usually goes straight to his food. He then went to the litter tray, which he doesn't do often cause he goes outside, and there was blood in his pee. We took him straight to the vets who checked him over, he was meowing so much when they were touching his legs and abdonmen. They decided to take xrays and kept him in over night, he was very lucky and it s bruised little kitty with no broken bones but we've had to keep him indoors, which he's hating, and keeping an eye on his pee, they said it's possible his abdomen might have a small tear and to make sure theres not increase in blood or anything else. He's spent most of the time sleeping.

Anyway thats it really, I hope I didn't go on too much. :)
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Hello, I'm so sorry to hear about what happened with Finn. I hope he is doing better now.
He's much better thanks! Running around like a nutter once again.
Sounds like one lucky kitty, such a shame that they cant all be so lucky
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