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Hello Everyone

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Hello Everyone,

I decided to join cause I just adore cats and always have. I have had 10 my whole life and I can't imagine a life without my fuzzy babies.
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My cats and me


I thought I would introduce my life with cats.

I currently have four cats, 3 boys and 1 diva. They range in ages 9 - 7 weeks. Our babies love Acana dry food and Wellness can food. They love playing with toys and chilling with catnip.

Munster is a brown tabby with white paws, 9yr

Kiki is a beige tabby/tortie 8yr

Merlin is a Blue Siamses 2yr

Sam is a orange tabby 7wks
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79, huh? :crazy I like the name Merlin. That is really cool!
Welcome. Glad to have a new member, of course. The more the merrier.
Welcome :) Munster is a cute name does he live up to it??

I'm new to the site as well. See you around.
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