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Hi everyone, I guess I figured since my cats are such a huge part of my life its about time I joined a forum so I could talk to other people who love cats just as much as I do. I've had cats as long as I can remember. Each and every one of of them has had some type of huge impact in my life and very special to me in some way. Currently I have two cats.

Callahan 3 1/2 who I adopted from the SPCA about a year and a half ago. Callahan picked me that day that I went to the shelter. When I went to his cage, he came up was being a love purring and rubbing against my hand, when he noticed I was about to get up to keep looking around, he jumped from his cage into my arms as if to say "oh no your mine, now take me home!". Which I obviously couldn't say no. He's the most talkative loving big goof of a cat I've ever known and I'm so glad he picked me to be his human. Recently tho he started being a bit of a jerk knocking things over, like lamps, drinks, well, anything he could get his paws on. Which was strange for him. And he would do it in front of me, and look at me and meow, as if to say, "what are you going to do about it mom?". Finally I made the decision that maybe what he needed was a friend.

Less than a week ago I went to the SPCA again to look, and once again, I found myself with a cat basically launching itself out of a cage into my arms. Then showing me her playful side by chasing every bit of stuff she could find on the lobby floor, and playing a crazy game of chase with two other cats. I'd found myself my Echo (5 months). I brought her home on Tuesday. She is a love. A HUGE personality, and "big brother" Callahan took to her right away, never have I seen two cats meet and never hiss, or growl. Within two hours they were playing and having a blast. Echo is my medium long haired girl, with a very fluffy tail, she loved to try and "help" me with everything, keeps me on my toes for sure.

I suppose I ought to tell you a bit about me as well. I'm from Upstate NY, and I work with troubled teens in a residential treatment program, which basically means, I work with kids who have in most cases gotten into trouble and are in a lot of cases on their way to kiddie jail if they don't work out in the program that I work in. Its a tough job, but it can also be a lot of fun.

I also included a picture Echo (left) and Callahan (right)
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