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Hi! I am happy to have found this forum. It gives me an outlet to talk about our little ones.

Let's start. My name is Lily. I never thought I would consider myself a "cat person". I grew up with dogs only until my bf (dh now) had to give up his Manx kitten because he had to move. Knowing I had bad cat allergies, I sucked it up and took in Forest. I couldn't let him surrender her to the pound. Let me tell ya, it was not fun for the first 2 months. The itchy eyes & face, sneezing, and congestions. After awhile, snap of a finger, I was good. Allergies to cats subsided; I am good now.

Few years later, we took in Missy. She was abandoned at our condo complex. We tried to find her owner to no avail, so she became ours. She was the sweetest cat ever. She was a Maine **** mix. She left us for the Rainbow Bridge last month.

We didn't think we would get any more kids at least not for awhile. The heartache of losing Missy and the non-stop blubbering mess I was in.
But when we brought Missy home 2 weeks later (she was cremated), we knew she was home forever. It was easier to let go.

Fast forward to today....

We're picking up our 1st new addition to our family, Tequila. He's a purebred Maine ****. 4.5 mths old and weighs about 8 pounds.

So, we will be getting a little girl in a few months from the same breeder.
I would have never in a million years think that I would have 3 cats in my life.

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