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hello fellow feline friends

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Hi everyone. I am Nikki. I am a proud owner of a blue and white Persian. She's had quiet the life and is only 4. I was given her by a breeder who couldn't sell her because the breeder claimed that "boys" didn't sell... Well I took my boy to have him neutered and the vet clinic informed me that my he was truly a she! I didn't think to double check the breeder and her vets sex guessing. Well I had named "him" Gizmo, Giz for short. Even after his true sex was confirmed, I left her name alone. It was very fitting for her. LOL. Anyways, her life began in Northwest Florida where we lived for 3years, then the military thought they would play a cruel joke on us by moving us to Clovis, NM where we lived for a year and half. Guess what, military was done tourchering us in NM, so we went to New Jersey from February 2011-August 2011. My husband and I parted ways due to circumstances (he cheated and i found out after 2years of it going on). Anyways, before I packed and left him to move back to Tennessee, where I am from, I was forced to rehome my kitty. All of the homes I found for rent wouldn't allow me to have pets and if I could have pets, they wanted 150 extra a month on rent. Being a single mom of two there was no way I could afford that. I let Giz go to a family that was also military but awesomly enough, also from Tennessee. They promised to take care of her for me... More on that later. Well, I cried for days over it, but I didn't have any other option. Well, recently the family that i gave Giz to contacted me and said he they were leaving the military and asked if I would like to have her back since I own my home now, I saud of course I would love to have her back. I got her yesterday! Iam so happy to have her back. Sadly, something isn't right... My once beautiful loving, playful, soft, fluffy Persian isnt the same. She is very under weight, she's not playful, she's walking funny from where she's so small, and she has a sore on her back leg (ex owners claim its a chemical burn, but I'm not sure looks like a dog may have nipped her). They had her at tge vet and they said bloid work and everything came back good. She is up to date on all her shots. I don't know about her weight though :-(

I have one dog that has been with my family since 2006 when I got married. My two kids are ages 5 and 3.
So that's us in a nut shell.
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