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Hello, all my names ashley im 23 years old and currently the mommy of a 2 month old humain baby and 3 loving kitties.and 2 leopard geckos :p
let me tell you about my little fuzz butts.

Moe. Moe is a year old orange and white male kitty he is a big suck and loves to cuddle he was my fiance and mines very first animal togethier as a couple.He is a hunter thats for sure if bugs come in the house he loves to try and catch and eat them. We received him from a friend who rescued his mommy, Moe is the only kitten from his littre that survived after a c-section.

Kimik: Kimik is my female kitten shes a silver tabby born march 17th 2011. We rescued her mommy from a bad home and later had to get a c-section there where 4 kittens all total but kimik unfortunatley is the only one that survived. Her mommy found a forever loving home as she was not baby friendly and needed a lot of one on one attention and kimik ended up staying with us.

Mickey:Mickey was our little suprise, hes a special needs kitty he has cerebral palsy. He is black and white he was found in the grave yard near my house with 2 other kittens drenched in gasoline, one of his other siblings had cerebral as well a lot worst then mickey but unfortnaltey did not make it. My friend had adopted his two siblings. Mickey on the other hand is doing well he is about 6 months old.

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