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Lets start off with the not so fun stuff. My name is Erin, I'm a mum to 3 human kids, 4 guinea pigs, 1 betta, 1 turtle and 1 kitten. Ive had cats most of my life but this is the first cat I've had with my family.

Now the fun stuff.
Meet Spook.

Spook is a 6-7 month old kitten given to us from a lady off of Kijiji. She had lived on a farm up until right around the time of his birth but had to move to the city. Since she moved to a place that does not allow cats she could not keep him or his siblings but planned on keeping mom hidden away.

This all happened in October. Here are some photos from when we first got him.

Spook was neutered late Dec and recovered with no issues. He loves to chase the kids, playing with his toys and eating, a lot...

I am currently working with Librarychick (member here) on switching him to raw. He so far is not fond of pork. He's a naughty little boy who loves attacking my husband at night and snuggling me all the time. He's also an attack cat as we found out last week. While my mom was down, she left to go to the store late at night after we all went to bed. Apparently when she came home Spook came growling down the stairs to see who had come into his house. Once he saw who it was he calmed down and went back up stairs to snuggle with me and go back to sleep.

Any who. That's me and Spook. Nice to meet you all.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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