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I share my home with a wonderful black cat named BooBoo. I rescued her when she was 9 days old and she will be 12 years old in March. Prior to BooBoo I had always considered myself a dog person. Having shared my home with GSDs and Rottweilers and training Schutzhund, RingSport and Personal Protection I never imagined I could love a cat so very much. She loves car rides and has no fear of dogs and greets strangers like a dog;) I could go on about her forever she truly is my soul mate.

I am extremely passionate about holistic care and BooBoo has never been vaccinated and eats a completely holistic diet. I work in the veterinary field and it is shocking to see the vaccine protocol and food they recommend. BooBoo has a very special holistic vet and we travel 4 hours round trip once a month so she can have cold laser therapy for her arthritis.

In addition to BooBoo we have 3 horses and a Pug named Claire. Oh and my wonderful boyfriend Danny.
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