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I'm a wife stay at home mom to three with baby #4 due in November. I currently one cat and two kittens.

Around the beginning of October of last year, I found an adorable kitten roaming around in my backyard. There are a ton of strays in the area and I would always set cat food out back to feed them (they were tearing up the garbage). This cat was literally terrified of me at first. For three weeks, I patiently sat at the back door and talked to her, hoping she would let me pet her. I started making little toys for her and hanging them on strings from our patio furniture. Finally, she warmed up and would sit near me. I think it took about a month before she finally started coming inside. Winter got cold, so I would let her camp out in the bathroom and let her back out in the morning. Eventually, she was totally comfortable with my family and sort of became our indoor/outdoor pet.

My husband did not want another pet, as we already have a rabbit. It was never my intentions to adopt this cat as my own but I am always attracting strays and have a hard time saying no. With three kids and a rabbit, we really couldn't afford her. But, I thought, it's better to feed her and love her and not take her to the vet than to let her fend for herself or take her to a shelter where God knows what would happen to her. Then she became pregnant. She actually came in my room in the middle of the night crying for me when she was in labor. I sat right next to her in my bedroom and gave her moral support while she gave birth. At first, she didn't even want anything to do with her kittens, she just wanted me. I had to show her how to care for her kittens at first. She gave birth to 4 kittens, one of which died about 2 weeks after birth. Our original plan was to just keep the kittens until they are over 6 weeks, then find homes for them.

Here we are 12 weeks later. We gave one of the kittens to my MIL. We agreed to keep one.........initially...... We cannot find a home for the other kitten and I can't stand the thought of putting any of them in the shelter.

So far, we have managed to take Athos, the kitten we originally planned on keeping, to the vet. That bill was $120. Now we are going to save up and take d'Artagnan to the vet. After those two are taken care of, we are taking the mama, Kitsel, to the vet as well. I don't know how we are going to afford three cats, 4 kids, a rabbit, and 6 fish....... But that's my introduction LOL.
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