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So glad to find a cat forum that is so helpful! My husband and I have two kitties, Sweetie Clementine and Optimus Prime Robot Fighter (Opie for short!), brother and sister, turning 2 years old in April.

We had pet rats for a few years. They are incredibly sweet and intelligent --- I would recommend them over hamsters any day of the week --- but they only live to be about two to three years old. Not long after we lost our last rat, a friend mentioned his girlfriend's cat just had kittens. (Surprise pregnancy... the cat was picked up from a shelter and everyone thought she was just fat!) We saw the litter of four and immediately fell in love with our two. We brought them home and they've quickly become the babies of the house.

Opie (L) and Sweetie (R) at 2.5 months old:

Sweetie (L) and Opie (R) in August of last year:

Anyway, I look forward to poking around a bit more and finally having a place to turn to for the kitties!
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