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Hi, my name is Uila, Im 23 yo, and my other half is Anton, 25 yo, but I will reffer to him as Mr B (from his last name) in my posts.

I have had dogs my whole life, my dad is alergic to cats, so I never had the permission to have one. I am brazilian and my familys house in Brazil is huge, so we always had many pets, and loved them and provided as best as we could. We usually had between 5 and 15 dogs at a time, once 20 at a time!

Now I live in Germany, and Mr B and I will get married in less than one month, so I will become Mrs B. :cool

We will move to a new flat (rented) at the begin of april, and it is bigger a where we live now, so until the end of the year we want to welcome a kitten in our lives. He had a cat when he was a kid, but doesnt have a pet for a long time. I was researching about cats, and their different breeds, and I think the cat for us will be the ragdoll, as I love big cats!

We even decided on a name for him already, whenever we get him, he will be called Bonkers. and we want a male

So, as bringind a pet into our lives is an important decision, I want to be as prepared as possible for when time comes, therefore I joined this forum!

so yeah, hi everybody! *waves*
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