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Hello! I've had cats all my life, and I'm a definite "cat person" haha. My husband and I adopted two siblings from a local no-kill rescue, and we're happy as can be. Our kittens were found with one other sibling and their mother, and there was another sibling who did not make it (likely because of local dogs).

Our little ones are estimated to be about 5 months old, and they're a little bony still, but still very active, sweet and playful. However, they were coming down with upper respiratory infections when we adopted them so we were given antibiotics by the rescue staff.

Here they are!!


Ted (my husband named him :p )

I have a few medical questions to ask on the forum, so I'll be spending most of my time there. As well, I'm interested in natural/organic nutrition for them. After losing one cat to diabetes/mouth tumour, I've become more vigilant in making sure they eat well.

Cheers! :kittyball
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