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Hello! I have been surfing the web looking for information on cats and stumbled onto this group. I am not a cat owner at the moment but I did have one when I was in my late teens. I've had all sorts of animals throughout my life-cats, dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, fish but this will be my first cat as an adult.

My main thing is to know anything and everything about cats. There is a cat that my family & I are looking at to adopt. He's the one as my avatar. His name is Popcorn. We visited him today at the shelter and are hoping to see if my hubby & our dog approve. :) I think hubby will get on board but I would love any tips on how to see if our dog & the cat would get along.

Alittle on our dog, she's a lab/chow mix (more lab than anything). She's an awesome dog. She does well w/ other animals. She's been around cats but it's been a few years. We have a few guinea pigs & she adores them. I think she'd be fine w/ anything coming into the house (including a robber-LOL) but not sure about how to see if the cat would be ok. The shelter thought he'd be fine but not sure if they have tested this.

So if we get the green light from hubby, what would be our next step? Should we take our dog to the shelter to visit? Or would this be too stressful for all? Would it be better to see if the cat was ok w/ one of the rescue dogs?

I'd also love to know what type of food is best for cats? What type of litter? Toys? Do cats need flea/ticks meds like dogs? Popcorn would be an inside cat. Thanks for all of your help and hopefully we'll get the green light from hubby. :)
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