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a little history if u will indulge me.

this past summer, my cat of 15yrs developed a urinary problem and after much debate and research my poor cat had to be put to sleep.

that was in september and since then i didnt think i could go through that again. couple months had gone by and in november i realized that i wasnt being myself. i was bored a lot and just didnt really care about doing anything. my girlfriend suggested that i look into adopting a kitten but didnt think much of it since of my past experience.

fast forward to about 2 weeks ago i had a dream, i really did, about a kitten and when i woke up i knew that i needed a cat in the house. i visited my local humane society and found a cute little 12 week old female kitten looking for a home.

i'm proud to say that my new kitten will be coming home tomorrow and right now the tenative name is sassy. i hope to visit this forum daily to learn new things about kittens and everything cat in general.

so i hope u enjoyed my story and didnt notice any spelling errors. i type fast and read even faster. so hello from iowa!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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