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Hello from Lima

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My name is Jamie and I have 5 furkids. (all feline)

The oldest is Wishes. He was a young adult when he came to live with me back in the early nineties. Not sure how old he actually is, but he's having health problems, and I'm looking for advice/info.

Then there's Felix & Lucy. Felix is a large tuxedo cat that was apparently booted from the litter for being too big. I had to hand nurse him. Lucy (the Lucky) survived in a basement when her owners' house caught fire. They couldn't keep her in the apt. they ended up in, so she came here. Which worked out well, because she distracted Felix who was driving the other cats crazy with his kitten antics. They're both around 5 or 6.

Tasha is 2. My friend's daughter brought her to me. She was under the impression that the kitten was 'trapped in the bushes.' Most likely, the momcat put her there for safety while she was out hunting dinner. So with little kitten smelling of human and momcat most likely being feral, I adopted her lest she be rejected.

Then there's Furbis. He's a young adult that just walked in one day and decided to stay.
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