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Hello from me and Luna

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Hello everybody! Today I want introduce myself and my kitty Luna ( and a little bit of my dog Fiji)
My name is Pablo and I'm living in London now but originally I'm from Ukraine

My cat Luna is just a street fella :D I rescued her on my trip to Istanbul last year ( I worked here for 6 months)
I just randomly saw a post in a local Facebook group... She was so tiny small and she had pneumonia... her mother was sent for sterilization but as I understood she was simply euthanized :cry: so I could not help but take her!!! my heart was torn to pieces 💔

in the photo below you can see Luna and also my dog Fiji, who I also took from the street after my neighbor found her in the trash as a small puppy

I love both of them very much And I'm very glad that they became friends because neither of them really likes other animals 😂😂

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