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Hello, all!

My name is Priscilla and I am a crazy cat lady!

Actually, here's a little about me and our crazy mixed family! I'm a cat person. My hubby is a bird person. He breeds macaws, conures, turtles, and frogs.I have two cats of my own and I foster cats/kittens. So you can imagine how insane our house can get!

My boys are Bedussey (ba-doo-see) who is six. Grey domestic short hair, way too smart for his own good, and such a cuddler! Loves dress up, sits on command, gives kisses on command, and is such a momma's boy. Bedussey however has a boatload of medical issues and is externally overweight. He's lived in seven different states and has been with me since he was eight weeks old.

Butters is daddy's boy. He'll be two in May and he was a drop off at my job. He was three weeks old and very ill, so his prior owners tried giving him away outside the store and when management asked them to leave, they left him and his sister to die. The company I groom for isn't technically allowed to take in drop offs, so he was going to be sent away to presumably be put down.. He was a tiny thing, feral, and when you'd walk by his cage he spit. How could I not take him home?! Black and white domestic short hair. Still extremely playful, loves the laser toy, shoe laces, and playing under the blankets. He has strangely long legs, a very small frame, and bright green eyes with a pastel pink nose. Not very cuddly unless he's in the mood. Definitely a hunter though. He's never been outside but he will stalk/kill anything that moves inside with crazy precision.

At the moment I'm not fostering as we just recently had a litter of four bottle fed kittens (dropped in the parking lot of my job at three days old) and getting them back to health tired me out! However I am housesitting two additional boys. Martin and Simba (ages unknown, guessed at around 2-3). Hoping to make Martin a permanent resident, though Simba is having a lot of social issues (which I feel I somewhat have made worse, but more on that another time).

Anyhow. That's me and the boys in a nut shell. I talk a lot. :p
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