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Hello all! I am here to start you off with the story of my baby, Ichi!

About two to three months ago I was living without a cat for the first time in my life, we had been thinking of getting a kitten, but could never commit because of our housing situation. Then one fateful day I receive a phone call from my mother, panicking, saying that she had found four kittens abandoned in her backyard IN THE RAIN. With the mother nowhere around I told my mom to bring them inside and told what needed to be done in order to attempt to save them. She then convinced me to take care of them. So there I was, with four sick, young, feral, malnourished kittens. Over the next few weeks I nursed the kittens back to health, socializing them, and finding them homes. After about three weeks three of the four kittens had found homes. Then to Ichi's luck I came down with a really really bad flu. Over this week he went from an unnamed little kitten to "Ichi the Killer." And I couldn't let him go. We have been through thick and thin, through fleas and worms. And I can not imagine my life without him. He is the most quirky, crazy, energy filled cat I have ever owned. He was never weaned properly and nurses one specific blanket like nothing has been nursed before. He can turn ANYTHING into a toy (even his food). His favorite chew toy is my hand. And never before have I spoiled an animal as much as him. I look forward to getting helpful tips and sharing the crazy stories of Ichi.

Katy & Ichi
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