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Hi All!

Technically I have 4 furbabies but one is of the canine variety and not relevant to the forum ;). I have 3 cats: Norah Riley (also goes by Norris), Luna Mae (also goes by Lulu & Lou), and Lillie Rae (usually only answers to her full name, if that, so does not yet have a nickname lol. Norah is the mom of the other two Luna and Lillie. Norah is 4 years old (Birthday is July 4) and the kittens Luna & Lillie are almost 7 months old (May 2nd birthday).

Here is my beeeautiful mama Norah:)
She's a tiny little thing but makes up for it in sass. She keeps our English Mastiff in line just fine ;). She for some reason never got any bigger than she is. I would say she's the size of probably the average 7 month old kitten. I'm hoping the kittens will be a little bigger but I don't think they'll get too much bigger than Norah.

Luna was the fatty when she was born but Lillie has quickly passed her up lol.

Lillie is getting very close to passing her mom up in weight.

The kittens' pictures are a couple months old lol. It's very difficult to get them to sit still long enough to get any pictures. They are definitely in their crazy stage.

So those are my babies :). The kittens are causing us some.. trouble. So that is actually why I found this website and joined. I'll be posting a question/advice post on them today hopefully but it said I had to post here first.


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Awww, what a beautiful bunch you have!! Though I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with the kittens. Hope we'll be able to help out! :)
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