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Hi there, my name is Allie and I'm currently in college in Michigan's UP. I am from SE MI so if anyone else is nearby *wave*

I joined this forum as the result of a small health emergency involving the family cat. No worries; she is already at the vet and we are awaiting results. But I realized I don't know as much about cat health issues as I do rat ones (Personally, *my* animal is a rat; but I currently am without any pets after learning hard lessons about monetary responsibility and proper pet care). So anyway, I want to be better educated on potential problems and get some info so I can handle quasi emergency situations and such.

So anyway, my family cat has been with us since I was in 4th or 5th grade. So, about 2000-2001ish. She came to us as a stray in a really odd way. My mom used to run a salon and she still has a few people she cuts hair for. One day she was on her way home from doing a haircut at a clients' house (with my toddler brother in tow) and she drove by some kind of electric company work site.

The guy working the site flagged her down and told her he just found a kitten abandoned in his scrap pile; and could my mom at least take her to a shelter for him? So my mom, not being heartless, agreed. She was all, "we're not keeping this cat I don't want a cat." And then my brother pipes up from the back, "My kitty mommy? My kitty?" And she goes, "No, not our kitty we are borrowing the kitty."

Then she went to the store and bought a litter box, litter, cat food, cat wash of some kind, and other stuff. I came home from school to find an itty bitty kitten in our house!

So anyway, she's at the vet right now and we are awaiting a call from them. It appears to be am antibiotic resistant abscess; as it popped up in a place where there was a sore that she had already seen a vet for and gotten meds for (not sure what they were or anything; I wasn't home at the time :\) They are concerned about cancer too, and I really hope that's not the cause.

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Welcome, Allie!

The kiss of death (or the death of rehoming) is letting a small child see a kitten. :grin:

I hope it's nothing serious.
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