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:butterflygreetings o_O

Me and my husband have been stalking a small colony of cats that live by a dumpster outside of our apartments. We've sort of fell in love with a tabbyish kitten in particular who was not quite like the others; a sweet little thing who trails behind the pack and cowers instead of bolting like the rest..

After a couple failed attempts at catching a kitten (the one we want likes hiding under the dumpster) I found a giant cardboard box last night which we closed completely and cut a small door from. We put it by the dumpster and baited it with a can of tuna and friskies. We waited in our car and within minutes a small grey cat wandered in and started eating. We snuck over and as soon as I closed the lip of the box he sprang out. We rebaited it and a couple minutes later it seemed as if the same grey cat crept in but this time I flipped the box with the exit up and we carried him to our place.

I opened it up and realized it was the tabyish kitten we had wanted. I'm sitting here writing 24 hours after abduction because I'd like advice on ferals. The kitten is about 12 weeks old and seems very frightened and depressed. He just sits in the same spot and cuddles for hours and i even gave him a bath without any scratches or attempt to run because he had diarrhea. He hasn't eaten he just sits and sits. How do I relax him and gain some trust, cant wait to see him frolic and play.

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