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Hi, my name is Lacy. I'm a 29 year old lady from Mid-MO. My life is changing quite a bit right now. I have to move out of the rental house I am in because I'm preparing to buy my first home (by myself) which just so happens to be my sister's house. However my sister and her family have to stay in the house until they are able to build their own home. (My sis has a 5 year old daughter and 2 year old twin boys. I couldn't with good conscious make them move out while their home is built) So for a few months I have to move back in with my parents. :eek: I'm thankful for my parents to give me a room but I'm apprehensive for certain reasons.
Also... about a month ago I adopted the most wonderful cat in the world. Her name is June Bug and I adopted her from a no kill shelter. She is a 9 year old calico that is morbidly obese. We are working on her losing weight. We both love each other but we are still getting use to one another.
She isn't the first cat I've ever owned, I had a few as a kid. But it has been years since I've had a cat in my life. Hopefully when I get into my own home I can adopt another cat. (Well, I have to start on my cat collection so I can achieve "Crazy Cat Lady" status.) (Just teasing... I hope that doesn't offend; that's just a joke my friends have with me)

Welp... I guess a little about me, beside what I've already wrote... I love to cook and bake. I also am learning to be crafty and trying my hand at upcycling. When I get in my own home I want to take up gardening too.
I'm called quirky, I like the funny, weird, and nerdy. I love Internet memes and make references in real life but most of my friends don't quite get it so the joke often falls flat.

Anywho... I guess that is about it. I'm excited about joining this community. :)
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