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Hi my names Jessie I have three cats, Misty, Ben, and Bing. They are fed raw turkey with gold seal, melissas aloe, and seal oil, ohhh and Mistys allergic to fish and chicken, she also get vitamin b supplement and wheres a pheremone collar which calms her narotic behaviour. She periodically licks her tummy hair off probably due to allergies and stress, oh and she has no crystals, and her kidney and liver functions are great.

misty is an 11 year old siamese(like 1/6) mix black tabby(owned by my sister for the first too years of her life), she has control and stress issues which is why Ive joined this forum to see if theres anything new I can learn to help her be happier, I have two other cats Bing(silver and white marble tabby), and Ben(black and white marble tabby) who are 5 year old uncle and niece. They were ferals found in a colony and I adopted them at 8 weeks old theyve become awesome cats but Misty wasnt two thrilled about them, and Ben has lately been stressing her out with his playful(albeit annoying) antic of batting at her.

i also am the mother of 9 birds(sun conure, blue throat conure, 4 budgies, 2 tiels, and a linnie, athree year old shepherd( whom misty likes), a 10 year old rabbit whom misty also likes, and a 7 year old degu, Im the manager of a boarding kennel, and work at a pet store, and I do dog training)

i guess I probably wrote too much for an intro haha
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