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Hello everyone! My name is Dee and I am from western NY.

I am a wholehearted animal lover. In addition to my husband and 16-month-old daughter, I share my life with four dogs (two small mix breeds and two rescue pit bulls), two cats and many chinchillas (which my husband and I breed and show).

I am also a member of the board of directors at my local SPCA, which is how I ended up here today. This afternoon I brought home a mother cat and a newborn kitten as a foster. I've fostered litters in the past but Catwoman and Uno are special.

Catwoman is an extremely young mother and smothered her other four kittens; Uno is the only survivor and I couldn't leave them at the shelter, I felt I needed to help Uno survive. Problem is, I've never dealt with such a situation.

Catwoman is trying very hard with her kitten - she is grooming Uno and stimulating her/his genitals. She also seems to be paying more attention to not laying on the kitten. However, she is not thrilled with Uno nursing. I have been supplementing but I'd love to see Catwoman take over, as that would be best for the baby.

So, any advice you all may have would be great!

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I would supplement this newbie with kitten glop formula. There are different versions on the internet. Here is one of them.

We’ve used KMR for kittens too. It tends to give diarrhea. I’ve had better success with the glop.
I’ve found more success with syringing food into kittens rather than bottles. I know Nora B, here on the forum, bottle feeds babies. There is lots of experience here among the members. More members will add their info for you too. You came to the right place.

I’ve seen stress out moms kill their young. I’ve seen some mothers who just aren’t good mothers. It’s not in them. You can be the judge of this by watching her. Sometime mothers remove a sick kitten they know won’t make it. I’ve wondered if by laying on them they knew the kittens were sick.

You can feed KMR or glop to the mother also to help her milk production. She should be eating high calorie kitten food since she is nursing. Soft food is the best since there is moisture in it but leave dry out for her to graze on if she needs to. I rifle as much wet kitten food to the mother as she will eat. And have water available also.

Keep us posted on your progress.
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