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My name is Amanda, I'm 24, and I;m a writer from NE Ohio :)

I currently only have one pet... a 15 year old Thoroughbred gelding. However, my roommate has a cat (I call her my stepcat).. a gray domestic short hair named Sidney. My parents also have a pug named Moose, who is part of the family. My username reminisces back to a cat I had for 17 years (Jasmine). I had many other cats growing up.

I am the volunteer coordinator for a local city animal shelter. We deal mostly with cats as there is not much of a stray dog population in the area. I have lots of experience with every kind of cat from true ferals to sick cats to young litters. I have raised many on the bottle.

I'm a moderator on another forum (for horses) and I love learning and meeting people with similar interests so I'm excited to get my feet wet here!
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