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Hello! I just joined the forum today. My husband and I have 3 cats now. The first 2 are sisters and we got them from a ferel trap, spay and release organization last year. They are approx. 1.5 years old. We got them to live outside and catch mice & gophers but they are slowly become domesticated (with our help) and now come in the house pretty often. Unlike most ferel cats, they like to be petted and picked up. They stay in the garage (door closed) at night and spend most of the day roaming around the house and fields. Their names are Amy and Cici.

Our 3rd kitty is still a kitten. She is also a rescue cat. She was found abandoned near a little league baseball field by our neighbor who brought her home. We adopted her a few days later. She was just under 1 lb. and had a bad eye infection in both eyes. We took her to the vet, got her fixed up and now she is over 5 lbs. and doing great. We are keeping her inside all the time and have trained her to go outside on a leash with a harness. Her name is Dusty. We think she is about 4 mos. old.

The 2 older cats are not really liking the new younger cat. I will post more on this subject on a different thread under General Discussion but want to first do some searching to see what's been said already.

Thanks for listening!

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