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Hello all,

I love cats. I mean I really really love cats. But when my husband and I noticed that a feral living in our back yard had given birth to four adorable kittens, we were completely smitten.

Two days later my husband was walking fresh water out to their 'area' and happened to glance down. One of the kittens, the runt of the litter, lay there in the dry grass, under the hot hot sun, unconscious. He quickly delivered the water and brought the starved and nearly dead kitten into the house, and we were hooked by our first rescue. LSS (long story short) he is now a thriving beautiful neutered male who, along with his brother (also rescued in much better shape) are beloved members of our household.

Eventually, (after another litter and mom pregnant again) we were able, with the help of a local rescue, to get mom and the remaining kitten (sadly #4 had died) altered and released. Mom was only a year and a half old. And we had three new kittens to think about. Our son adopted one, we adopted one (both are happily spayed) but the other was impossible to catch.

That third kitten just brought out her THIRD litter for us to admire, but I just about passed out. You see, our discretionary funds are gone, savings gone long ago, living on one SS check and at our wits end! Just looking ofr someone to talk me down out of the tree...

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