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Hi everyone! I've been looking for a good cat forum, so I am excited to meet many of you!

Been a cat lover all my life. Got my first cat when I was 10 and haven't looked back.

Right now I have a beautiful Bengal mix named Isis. She's weird and quirky. She was a rescue from another family who was getting rid of her. And when she came home with me, she was skin and bones. I'm happy to say that now, 2 years later, she's healthy and happy.

Last night, we unexpectadly got a new addition. Unsure if he is going to stay with us or not, but he has definitely tugged at the heart strings. I'll post more on him later, but we went out to a cliff overhang to take some moon pictures last night. And he came up the side of the cliff, shivering, freezing, skinny and has a collar on at one time. I fear he may have been dumped out there.
Right now he's chilling in his isolation room and quite confused when Isis growls and hissing towards his room! lol He just gives a little meow and really wants to come see her.
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