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Hello from the PNW

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Hey all, I am new to this forum but not a new cat "owner". We currently have 4 cats. My husband and I each had 2 cats when we met 16 years ago, and have had kitties ever since. The original 4 cats have all gone now, and we are up to #9; in fact, we've started naming them with numbers in other languages when it sounds right. All our kitties have been rescues.

We currently have Cinder (black female, age 7 or so), Cricket ( female long hair brown tabby) & her brother Zeeben (long hair gray - he's #7), and Neo (male Siamese mix). Cricket is #6 but there were no good six names, Zeeben is 7 in German, we had Ocho but lost him to Lymphoma last spring (8 in Spanish) and now Neo (Nio - 9 in Norweigan). We've got #10's name picked out but we're not ready for another cat just yet!

My issue is with Neo, which I will post separately, once i'm allowed to start a new thread. I've been browsing the site and it looks like a great site where people provide helpful advice & info. Looking forward to participating.

Nice to meet you all!
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