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Hello, my name is Jami, and I have two awesome cats. I am a part of several dog forums (my parents own a doberman and a chihuahua, and I'm hopefully going to get an aussie puppy sometime in the next year) and I can't believe I didn't realize there was a cat forum!
So I joined to learn more, I've been especially interested in cat nutrition lately.

About my cats:
Minnie, 15, and she's been extremely attached to me since we brought her home from the shelter as a kitten. She actually just went on her first plane ride two weeks ago and is on an adventure with me in Las Vegas! (just here temporarily, will be going home to Wisconsin sooner or later :) she's a very pretty grey domestic short-hair.

Josie, 1. My boyfriend's mom heard a kitten in the backyard last summer, so I went outside in the bushes and trees and wouldn't stop till I caught her! She was teeny tiny, and the vet guessed that she was 4 weeks old. Never saw any sign of siblings or a mother, so I took her in. She turned out to be a beautiful, affectionate medium haired cat!
If I figure out how to put pictures on here, I will post pics :grin:
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