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I am a reletively new cat owner my first kitty, Cthulu, came home in july 2011 and my newest kitten, Realta, came home yesterday. They have some interesting and unique issues and it is hard trying to figure them all out on my own so I figured id go look for some help (some questions ya just dont think to ask the vet!) Cthulu is a pretty grey tabby with a diva complex, she doesnt do holding and excessive petting, unless it is my husband, she likes him. Realta has managed to attach herself to me... almost literally with those little needle kitten claws. she was a feral kitty brought in to the spca because her little leg was broken and mangled. they amputated the leg and to see the little girl run you would never guess she only had 3. the baby is affectionate to a fault, she wants attention and to be petted and brushed. but she seems afraid to explore and eat. I havent seen her eat a thing, if she isnt in my lap she is hiding behind something and crying till i come back and coax her back out. She wont go find the litter box and she wont eat the food i bring her. I think part of the problem is that Cthulu will not stop hissing. she wont attack because she is a bit scared too but she wont let the little one be. I'm just a bit worried is all the little one has an appointment with the vet today when I get off of work so maybe they can shed some light. I'm still optimistic Cthulu is at heart a playful girl she is just feeling territorial, she wont harm thelittle kitty (I'm also keeping them separated now... probably should have done that before...) sorry ran off of the introduction track but I guess introducing issues is important too. I look forward to meeting you all thanks!
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