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That is the whole reason why I joined this site, I need help. My cat became overweight when she was sent to live with my sister in another state during my move for three months until I could get to a place I could keep her to live with me at. during her stay there, she became depressed from being away from me and she was in constant harrassment of their huge dog so im assuming thats what caused her to non stop eat. The next time I was able to see her she literally looked like a round balloon about to pop! Her belly was HUGE and hard,, it was so weird! Any how, I took her to the vet and the vet put her on a special diet, but she didnt lose any weight from the diet. So fast forward to now, she is now 11 years old and has lost some of the weright but still looks really fat due to the excess fat and skin. I really want her to lose more because I can hear her wheezing and when she sleeps it sound like she is breathing thru a straw. :(
Now here is one of the problems that i really need advice on... Due to the extent of her prior obesity she now has huge fat pads on her lower stomach that make it impossible for her to clean her privates. So her butt is always dirty and I cant keep washing her butt because its not good to bathe animals that often. I hear of cat tummy tucks, or cat surgery where they remove the fat pads from obese cats for health reasons and I truly feel this is a health reason. But is my cat to old to have surgery done on her? and Where would I find a vert who would do this type of surgery on her? I live in houston, but would travel anywhere within a 200 mile radius to get it done if I had to. Hope someone can help me....
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