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Hello everyone!

I'd like to introduce myself, I'm Maureen and the proud new owner of a 4 1/2 year old female cat (first time cat owner, long time dog owner). She joins my family of myself and an 8 1/2 year old Male Bichon Frise Dog named Zachary.

I rescued her from the local tampa humane society this past November, and she has only recently finally realized this is her forever home!
I've named her Annabelle. And she was born on 3/3/2007. Her paperwork said she is a Devon Rex/Mix. Although I don't know what could give a Devon Rex her Long Hair! I've researched her coloring and I know she's some sort of standard tabby with her coat. And her tail is about half of a normal length, but not quite a manx. She's really tall and thin, I really love how unique she is!

She was under the bed for 1 and a half months, coming out only when deeming it "safe" at night. She had a wonderful home previously because she always was getting up on the bed, even if she was scared to check me out at night. I was at the pet store about three weeks ago, and picked up a can of wet food as a treat. She became so happy, she meowed and cooed more times than I had ever heard before. And since that day, she never hides anymore! She figured out I am made of food, because she follows me from room to room and begs every time I come home from work. I love it! I have two fur babies who parade around the apartment following me. Even have two sets of eyes on me when I take a bathroom break. It's hilarious!

I found this cat forum when researching cat behavior, and look forward to sharing stories and asking questions about Annabelle.

I can't wait to "sudo" meet all of you, and hope you enjoy the following pictures of Annabelle. (maybe you can tell me if Devon Rex/Mix is the correct label for her...)

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