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Hello, I'm thinking about getting a second cat

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I currently have a Russian Blue mix cat. He's a male and he's about 2 years old.
I would like to get another Russian Blue mix and I'm trying to decide what would be the best complimenting friend for our current cat.

Should it be:
Male or female?
Neutered/spayed or not?
Kitten or adult?
Long hair or short hair?

Any other tips would also be appreciated.
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Border crossing for a cat

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with bringing a cat over the border? I live in Canada, and would like to get a cat from a rescue in the U.S.
Are there certain papers I need to have, or a fee I need to pay?
Russian Blue identifyers

There are a few kittens that are rescues I am looking at that look like they may be Russian Blue cats. Are there any tell-tale signs to know for sure?
Air travel? I can give you some info on that...
I traveled with a cat, between USA and Eastern Europe. You might require Pet Passport (from a vet), possible chip, all vaccines, and statement of health from the vet not older than 10 days at the moment of the trip. Airlines may also not allow a cat younger than 16 weeks to travel, or certain breeds.
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