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hello kitty

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:cry:hello. Guess im new here. Dont know how much I can help anyone but i will see what I can do. :kittyturn

I love cats. I cannot express how much I do love them. I lost my little orange taby of 20 years back in July and am still trying to get over her. :(
I had her for such a long time and in that period of having her I got walked all over, pawed, scratched, meowed at, rubbed, sassed at, flirted with, walked all over, and slept on. I miss every bit of it. She was my best fried that didnt want anything but to be loved by me, and given her cat treats. lol. I miss her as if I lost her yesterday and I find its not getting easier. But, I gave her the best home a cat could ever have. With myself, she had 2 other people to wait on her tail and paw. I dont know if I will ever get over her and that I'm now runed for life. Happyness is a small bundle of fluff.

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